Start here

Start here lovely,

I suggest you get some sort of journal as I will be suggesting areas for self-reflection, which will help you a lot in identifying old thinking that doesn't serve you. Start from where you are, and wherever that is is ok.

There are no rights, wrongs, ought’s or should’s in my world, other than you getting clear about what is 'right' for YOU, finding your truth. What feels authentic to your soul? This is your journey, your path.

Practice with really easy things, like manifesting a cup of coffee or a perfect parking space, then....

What area of your life would you like to see some improvement in? Start with something easy, not the most challenging, something without much emotional intensity, in order to get things rolling.

See each aspect of your life as a spoke in a wheel, each spoke needs to be of equal strength for a balanced ride.

Everything will become clear over the next few weeks....

My greatest desire is to see you living the most delicious, abundant, and love-filled life possible.

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