The Universe

You'll hear me talk about 'The Universe' frequently.

What I mean about and identify as The Universe, as all that is light in the unseen, an all-encompassing term to include; Angels, God, Great Spirit, Oneness, Guides, Beings of Light etc etc.

The Universe includes all of those beautiful loving energies that support us and has our back. As well as all the unseen energy around us that brings together Serendipities, Opportunities and Magical Happenings.

It doesn't matter who or what is assisting us, let go and Allow all the beautiful magic to happen on your behalf.

If you're worried about dark energies coming in and meddling, you probably don't need to. It takes a lot of effort to get into dark energy, heavy drug and drink abuse together with particularly consistent dark intention and invitation.

The Universe that I refer to is all Light, Angels and Guides love laughter and play. Gratitude is magnetic to all the Light of the Universe.

Regardless of what you have been told in the past, work out what feels light and right for you. The more we are open to these unseen energies assisting us, the more they can do.

Be easy with this...

Sue x