Want to learn Reiki with Sue?


I'm sorry lovely, I'm not running any classes currently in the foreseeable future.

Let me explain some of my reasons behind this ....




I used to run regular Usui Reiki classes, for all levels in my previous home. I had the space there (unlike my present home) and it was convenient to take over the house as required.


I have run workshops at various locations in the past, but there are quite a few logistics to consider and work around. That option was never as satisfactory for me as working from my home, where there was lots of flexibility.




As well as lots of Reiki workshops, I ran a monthly (and twice monthly for a time) Reiki share group. This was a total delight as it brought together a community of my Reiki students. Creating a supportive environment for everyone and a natural progression to the next level of Reiki if  and when the student desired it.


All welcome


I would often be 'adopted' by a student as their Reiki Master. Maybe their original Master had moved away or like mine, had died. I still am delighted to support any student of Reiki with their journey.


"I met Sue and she helped me settle into Reiki, as I had being attuned by someone else who had moved abroad and I needed more support as I felt wobberly. She was very clear and thorough on explanations of any queries I had and helped me to understand healing for myself and others, encouraging self-confidence and awareness. It always amazes me when someone comes into your life to help, often at the right moment...Thanks Sue, you've a rock."


Internet learning


Now, with all the opportunities of internet learning, student can learn Reiki in a way that may suit them better. I have no desire to compete with that. Horses for courses I say, and if someone is happy with learning on line, great. Having said that, the world is changing and we must all adapt, many student still come to me to help them fill in the gaps... I welcome them.


I am committed to my tradition, teaching Traditional Usui Reiki as I was taught by my Master. It's important to me to honour Reiki and my lineage by continuing in a way that is congruent, both as a Reiki student(we are forever students) and a Master Teacher.


My Tradition


I am very happy to support a student of Reiki with their path and growth with Reiki. My tradition of practice and teaching may be very different. I will honour yours, please honour mine.


Here are some points by way of explanation


  • An oral tradition, manuals aren't required when a student learns by doing
  • Teaching is in person, between Master and Student
  • Symbols are sacred and so kept private, we never speak their name except in healing use or in training class
  • Attunements are in person only. I never give distance Attunements
  • 100 days between First Degree Reiki and Second, with lots of hands on practice.
  • Mastership is by invitation and may take a year or more as an apprentice, assisting with workshops etc.



Changing times


How things will change for me in the future, I don't yet know, I am in communion with my Reiki Guides and Spirit Masters.

I've learnt never to say never....


For now I know that offering support on line is appropriate for those that want it.


Do you want to deepen your Reiki understanding?

Do you have unanswered questions?


Watch out for online Courses for deepeng you Reiki practice. Do get Contact with me if I can help you


Sue xx


I have a private Facebook group where we can discuss all this and much more, your are very welcome to join me there - Allowing Joy with Sue Davies