Making them work for you


So many times folks mutter that Affirmations don’t work.  Well, maybe it’s that they aren’t wording them correctly.


Once I’d discovered the ‘rules’ for creating great affirmations, I started getting amazing results, and use them everyday.


Here are some simple pointers for you to consider when creating your personal affirmations.


State in the positive.


Our brains don’t understand the negative statement (neither do animals or kids).


So saying for instance ‘I don’t have any debts’, is in the negative and our brain hears the word Debts, that’s sends a Zzzzt through our energy field and we attract more debts.


Instead try, I am solvent, or  I have more money than I can possibly spend.


Own it


The statement has to be ours.


We can’t affirm (and expect results for someone else).


Saying my Boss appreciates me is fairly ineffective.


Try I always feel appreciated by all of my work colleagues.  That way it opens it up to all of your colleagues as well as you Boss.


As a result of the self confidence you are emitting, your Boss may change their ways or you may get a new Boss. The How of a situation is never our responsibility.


Use the present tense


State it in the Now even if you don’t actually have it yet.


If we are affirming I will have my ideal job, it’s always somewhere in the future and never quite arriving, like tomorrow.


Try I have my ideal job. That may feel like a lie at present, yet with other tools to support the affirmation it can start to feel very real.


Some EFT Tapping may be beneficial to help remove resistance to this statement and energetically open the doors to the receiving your ideal job. Check out my how to do EFT Tapping videos  here




Send Gratitude ahead of the whatever. and include words of appreciation in your affirmations that really oomph it up.


The more exciting and upbeat your affirmations are, the more potent and magnetic they become.


Sing it


Turn your Affirmations into a song or ditty with a catchy tune.  Sing it joyously and exuberantly regularly.


I’ve got a blog on this, read it ***here***


Add Movement


Some folks like to repeat their affirmation whilst running (which will be releasing endorphins anyway). Why not dance around the room and sing them? What a wonderful euphoric chemical soup that will create in your body.


Pull it all together


Own it – state the Positive – Present tense –  Appreciate.


For added special sauce, sing and dance it.


When do I use them?


Use them every day, especially when you're feeling upbeat.  At the start of your day, in the shower, in your car. Keeping them short and snappy gives them more evergy.



Your turn


The Universe moves in very surprising ways in response to our energy and vibration.


We need to remain in alignment with what we want and in expectant appreciation for it.


Have fun and light with this, making it hard work and laborious is not the vibration that will attract you desires. 


What are your favourite Affirmations, let me know ....


Sue xx


I have a private Facebook Group where we explore all of this and much more. It's a safe space for conversations and you are very welcome to join me there - Allowing Joy with Sue Davies