About Sue

Hi, I'm Sue Davies


I am Sue Davies, a Teacher, Coach, Master Healer and former Practitioner. Committed to aiding your Spiritual Growth and Personal Well-being.


My passions are co-creating with the unseen energies of Reiki, our minds, Guides and Law of Attraction.


Supporting folks to live a richer, more abundant and Joy filled life.




I first learnt Traditional Usui Reiki way back in 1995. When I was amazed to discover that even I could channel this beautiful energy for my own healing, when ever and where ever I needed it.


2000 saw me complete a year long Reiki Mastership Training.  Since then I have taught 100's of students at all levels of Reiki.


To me, Reiki is Reiki is Reiki, regardless of the school or style. I support all students who want to deepen their practice and connection to Reiki.




The term Coach includes many areas.

Life Coaching

Business Coaching

Law of Attraction Coaching


Available on a 1:1 (online) basis as well as including those skills in my online Courses


Mentoring on a longer term arrangement will soon be available


I truly love seeing someone getting those A-ha! moments. Their answers were there all along.


Meditation, Mindfulness & EFT Tapping


Our minds are powerful, why not employ them constructively.


Rather than allowing our minds to run wild like a manic monkey, instead harness their energy and give them a job to do that supports our wellbeing.


I use these skills in my online Meditations and Courses.


Reducing stress allows us to get into flow.

Same Mission, broader Access


I've been committed to supporting others and their well-being since 1995.  Running parallel private practices in both Holistic

and mainstream healthcare. I know all the highs and lows of self employment as a Practitioner.


Previously offering treatment sessions, workshops and classes in Reflexology ~ Emotional Freedom Techniques ~

Reiki ~ Tai Chi and Access Consciousness, to name a few.  I've shaken things up and now only offer my services online.


My desire is to be of more service to the world, to support more individuals through the accessibility of online technology.

Some of the technology I confess, is still quite new to me and not really my zone of genius, I'm getting there though.


My lesson in all this, is to focus on the Joy of the result now, as if it was already manifest :-)


I live in beautiful Shropshire (UK) with Paul and our cat Max.