About Sue

Hi, I'm Sue Davies


I am Sue Davies, a former Teacher, Master Healer and Practitioner. Committed to aiding you Create the life you desire through Aligned Mindset with ease and joy. 


Drawing on 30 years of experience, my passions are co-creating with the unseen energies of Reiki, our minds, Guides and Law of Attraction.


Supporting folks to live a richer, more abundant and Joy filled life.


EFT Tapping


When I first learnt EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or Tapping, I was astounded at how swiftly it cleared emotional / mental traumatic memories.


These days as an advanced EFT Practitioner, I use these gloriously simple Tapping techniques to help clear block to receiving and expansive thinking.  Opening up the receiver to more in their life.


There are so many possibilities available to us, why stick with playing small?





Are you struggeling to attract into your life what you want?


Manifesting what we desire is easy, if we know how to approach it.

Let me help you.  


By playing with the Law of Attraction and other Universal Spiritual Laws in a light and easy way we can create big changes in our lives.


What would you like help with manifesting in your life?


Meditation & Mindfulness


Our minds are powerful, why not employ them constructively.


Rather than allowing our minds to run wild like a manic monkey, instead harness their energy and give them a job to do that supports our wellbeing.


I use these skills in my online Meditations and Courses.


Reducing stress allows us to get into flow and to enjoy life more.


Stepping Up


I was asking "What's next?" Step Up I heard.  My Guides have been nudging me for a while. 

And I'd been asking how best I can be of contribution to the world...


I've been committed to supporting others and their Spiritual, Physical and Emotional well-being since 1995.  Previously offering treatment sessions, training workshops and classes in Reiki - Reflexology - Emotional Freedom Techniques - Tai Chi and Access Consciousness, to name a few. 

I am also qualified as a Life Coach - Law of Attraction Coach - Meditation and Mindfulness Coach


Now I am Stepping Up, to be more of a contribution to the world, to support more individuals through the accessibility of online technology.


My lesson in all this, is to focus on the Joy of the result now, as if it was already manifest :-)


I live a quiet life in beautiful Shropshire (UK) with Paul and our cat Max.